About us

LOVAP is a solid player in the field of nutritional and environmental analysis. For more than 40 years, our laboratories have offered the guarantee of professional and accurate analytical methods. Our labs in Geel feature the latest technologies and are home to our more than XX specialised staff. We offer a wide range of accredited and recognised research methods.

This combination of qualified staff, adapted equipment and external monitoring ensures reliable results.



LOVAP is part of the DESMA group, with branches in 3 countries: 


-          Belgium: LOVAP (Flanders) - LARECO (Wallonia)

-          France: CERECO NORD (Valenciennes) - CERECO PARIS (Paris) - CERECO SUD (NĂ®mes)

-          Spain: LINAS (Girona)

As a group, we are active in chemical, physicochemical and microbiological analysis within the food, agriculture, environmental, pharmaceutical & cosmetics, chemical sectors. 

Because we are part of a larger organisation, we have a very broad scope. Each lab has its speciality. This allows us to ensure flexible and reactive cooperation at all times, while also working out tailor-made solutions. Our team thinks with you!